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Chartered Institution of Water and
Environmental Management (CIWEM)

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WaPUG CIWEM's Urban Drainage Group

CALL FOR PAPERS - WaPUG Blackpool Conference

Next WaPUG Event:

7 - 9 November 2012 - CALL FOR PAPERS

WaPUG Blackpool Conference

At Hilton Hotel, Blackpool


Next Joint WaPUG Event:

22 - 24 June 2012 - BOOK NOW

Study Weekend

Joint with Rivers and Coastal Group

Hull University, Hull.


New Members Competition - Extended Closing Date

'A new approach to funding: where is the money coming from?

Joint Rivers & Coastal and WaPUG

Last year Rivers & Coastal Group (RCG) ran a very successful competition which challenged entrants to consider sustainable management of our changing coastlines. The finalists from Royal Haskoning, the Environment Agency and JBA Consulting gave presentations on their entries at the RCG Study Weekend at Bristol. The competition was won by a team from Royal Haskoning.

Following the success of last years competition, RCG and WaPUG have developed a joint New Members Competition.  A new approach to funding flood and coastal schemes has emerged that changes the emphasis to fixed payments for benefits and active seeking of local contributions. This year's competition will involve looking at how this new approach might be applied to either a Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy or a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy to the competition case study. We are interested in hearing from different sectors of the industry, including government organisations, local government, consultants and contractors.

This competition is open to members of CIWEM within 10 years of joining the industry / institution and can be entered by individuals or teams.

The submission date for the competition is 5th June 2012.

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About the Group

WaPUG, now CIWEM's Urban Drainage Group, has a long history of promoting best practice in the field of urban drainage. Formed in 1984, it organises technical conferences and specialist workshops that attract delegates from all parts of the urban drainage community and at all levels, from trainees to senior managers.


  • Promotes best practice in sustainable planning, design and management of urban drainage systems
  • Influences Government policy on urban flooding and pollution risk
  • Provides a forum for discussion and debate on leading issues
  • Enables members to socialise, develop their professional skills and share expertise
  • Promotes technical excellence through Codes of Practice and technical guides
  • Supports CIWEM by lobbying for policy development, responding to consultations, providing policy statements and providing spokespeople


WaPUG Winter Newsletter 2011

Click on the link to the right to see the Newsletter or click here to download a printable version which is in booklet format.

If you didn't receive this Newsletter by email and you think you should have (or you want to in future) please contact James Hales.

This Newsletter was sent out by email to the WaPUG membership on 04 January 2012.



WaPUG R&D Workshops and Forums

WaPUG is taking a leading role in the update of the Urban Pollution Management (UPM) Manual.  It is the intention to produce a streamlined manual, with anything that will change with time being moved into best practice guidance documents.

WaPUG have agreed to develop these best practice guidance documents this year.

At a WaPUG arranged workshop in October 2011, it was agreed that the top three priority areas were:-

Marine and Estuary Modelling


Design, Cost Benefit Analysis and Post Completion Analysis

We are pulling together networks of interested individuals who have some expertise in these fields to assist in the development of these documents.

If you are interested in being part of the development team please contact the following individuals:-

Marine and Estuary Modelling

Richard Dannatt, Intertek Metoc


Graham Squibbs, United Utilities

Design, CBA and Post Completion Analysis

Katherine Pygott, Arup

Please contact Graham Squibbs, R&D Co-ordinator, with any WaPUG related R&D matter, including ideas for future workshops or research topics.



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Chartered Institution of Water and
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15 John Street, London, WC1N 2EB  
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